Jet set jewels & bohemian gems...
For free spirits, mermaids, and boho babes!

Bombay Mermaid Trading Co. is for the red blooded, stylish explorer. The sentimental, treasure-loving trailblazer. We are a new revolution in post-bohemian fashion, combining globally-sourced vintage treasures with handmade clothing & accessories that emphasize adventure, creativity, and radiant beauty.

We are the answer to the age old question... "What will I wear to Shangri-La?"

Our original designs are made in Brooklyn with materials from around the world, from salvaged vintage trims to brilliant textiles and notions from Japan, Italy, India. The designs reflect our customer: a brave, spirited babe who loves soaking in new cultures, new music, new ideas. A true modern goddess and global citizen.

Our bohemian vintage is sourced, rescued, and brought back to life from markets wherever we travel. Silk scarves, wooden beaded pendants, intricate woven baskets, exotic wool accessories, swirling skirts and romantic jewels. Each piece is hand picked for its charm and irresistible appeal.

With Bombay Mermaid Trading Co. you will manifest your own personal Shangri-La and view the world through new eyes. No borders, no trends, no limits. Just stellar beauty and self expression.

Why BOMBAY MERMAID Trading Co. ?

Because our vintage collection supports the rescue/repurpose/upcycle movement and the facilitation of global self-expression.

Because we will deliver a spectrum of colors, textures, and ideas that will saturate your wardrobe, your mood, and your world from the first moment you put on one of our handmade or vintage pieces.

Because mermaids around the world are awakening, and if you suspect you're one of them, you're in the right place...

Inspired by the world. Made in Brooklyn.

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